German mega-company Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) has been charged with spying, hacking, bribery, and so on. From the news reports, it seems they are an espionage company exploiting a telecom license to spy on your government, your companies, and you. 

Consequently, the rich in Germany prosper while your country's economy is going down the toilet.

MPR News published an article by Emily Kaiser; Ms Kaiser asked several tech-industry thought leaders based in China to recommend books that reveal what China is really like. Huawei's Head of International Public Relations distinguished himself from all the other respondents by suggesting that certain banned books are the best source of true insight into China.

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Huawei was granted a contract worth USD280million to be paid for by a low-interest loan from the Export Import Bank of China. No other companies where allowed to bid. A local businessman called bullshit on that, but his case was thrown out on the grounds that no other company in the world could handle the contract.

This story is about Huawei staff hacking email accounts and creating forgeries in the name of top level government officials in order to convince the Import Export Bank of China. Can we just blame well-intentioned staff and leave it at that?

Disruption of the market order is wonderful if everyone it means everyone can afford a good smartphone. Huawei's phones are winning hearts and minds around the world, and that's making it harder for the gatekeepers to resist China. This video series illustrates the strategy that is helping China to successfully establish beachheads in 170 countries around the world.

A collection of complaints by Huawei phone owners. Most of them blame Huawei rather than the retailers and service centers involved.

Huawei was hauled into court on charges of hacking the emails and bank accounts of employees and suppliers throughout Africa. The courts once again blaming Huawei for the actions of over-zealous, but good intentioned staff. Who believes that Huawei isn't uplifting Nigeria through connectivity?

Spying, hacking, bribery, it's all here. Deutsche Telekom, along with subsidiary T-Mobile get caught once again with their hand in the cookie jar. Tax-payers suffer, consumers suffer, the economy suffers. They are allowed to do what you cannot do. Why? Watch the video.

A fan of this website suggests that Huawei avoids criminal convictions by rewarding individual employees that agree to take the blame. Further, it is alleged that Huawei encourages bribery, etc. and then forgives the offenders when they are caught. Isn't this an attack on forgiveness itself? The counter-point is that no significant harm has occurred and that forgiveness is a virtue.

Financial Times reporter Angus Grigg defies Huawei's command to STFU. On the 9th of June, 2015, his article "Huawei's Epic PR Fail" was published, mildly irritating Huawei. Did Huawei's PR representative fail? Or did Huawei-style PR score a victory by booting reporters-gone-wild out of Huawei's mighty bastion of R&D in Shanghai.


How can Huawei afford an R&D effort greater than the Manhattan Project? They don't have to. China's monster banks provide massive loans that developing countries simply can't refuse -- 15% of those billions go to Huawei's R&D projects. Anyway, tax-payers around the world repay those loans over the course of a lifetime. Everyone wins.

Huawei, China's National Champion, is leading the Chinese invasion into your country. Is that a problem? No. China is destined to become the top super-power. Just relax, this won't hurt a bit.

This video debates the guilt of Deutsche Telekom (DT) and its subsidiaries T-Mobile and T-Systems. The courts and the media report an endless string of cyber-crimes. DT-Advocate says DT is pure as snow. What do you think?

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