In this video, I interview three professional girls who specialize in entertaining Huawei's visitors with their own special style of foreign relations.


Why would Huawei's VIP visitors from key customers and government get this special treatment? Watch the video.

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"Many people are amazed when they hear us sing the song Huawei People. They wonder why so many people are still singing such a song in such an age. United together, they rally and lead the rest of 190,000 employees. We will definitely win." -- Ren Zhengfei


​In China, Huawei People was selected as the ICT Industry's top music video and has been nominated around the world for the same honor.

I have Very bad news to share today.

It took me an hour to argue against all the negative news stories and government reports about Huawei. This is a long video filled with news about a new push to drive Huawei out of Western markets. Many video clips and government documents are reviewed.

OURWEI is a voluntary advocacy program that promotes Huawei's market access around the world.

In order to ease security concerns about Huawei, email broadcasts and letter-writing campaigns aim to convince trade unions, labor unions, telecom carriers, and governments that Huawei is no threat.

Unfortunately, some of our efforts  have somehow panicked the gate-keepers.

Western Media often points out that Huawei's founder, Ren Zhengfei, is a key member of the Communist Party of China and strongly connected to the People's Liberation Army. They tell us that Chinese state-owned banks provide billions to Huawei's clients worldwide. Why does Western media only tell negative stories about Huawei?


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China's high-profile companies have problems with suicides. Many employees killed themselves at work, unfairly embarrassing their companies. Huawei and other famous companies in Shenzhen have taken measures that have moved suicide out of the workplace.

Huawei and the communist party are both fighting corruption scandals. Some journalists are saying it's evidence of a strong link between Huawei and the Chinese government. But wait, isn't fighting corruption a good thing?


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